Yoga Therapy

IOT_46391:1 Yoga Therapy

Sometimes, when you don’t have experience with something, it’s easier to understand it when you first know what it is NOT. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is not typical talk therapy, but there is dialogue. It’s not just yoga, but there are poses. It’s not just meditation, but there is deep mindfulness. It’s not massage, but there is bodywork. It’s not about diagnosis and disease, but it is about accessing your inner resources to heal, feel whole, and integrate your life experiences. I blend refined skills, human anatomy knowledge, and my ability to be profoundly present with a deep understanding of my work and passion for whole-being health to support my clients on their healing journey from trauma and tragedy, with depression and anxiety, and with body-related issues and concerns, such as eating disorders, chronic illness, or pain. I coach them to connect with and use all of their internal resources to create change and to heal.

PRYT is a blend of Eastern practices and the best of body-centered psychology. I hold my clients in the highest regard while they uncover their deepest truths about themselves. PRYT is a profound healing modality used to support a wide range of individuals, and sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs.

To book your Yoga Therapy session(s) in Charlottesville, call 434-906-5467 or email Charlottesville sessions are held at The Ivy Yoga School.

If you are home-bound, out of the area, or simply prefer a video or phone session, please specify when scheduling.

1:1 PRYT Bodywork

In a PRYT Bodywork session your body will be moved, stretched, and held “at the edge” in different poses. This worked is received similarly to a massage, and this type of session is a great introduction to PRYT. The session begins with a brief centering meditation and ends with a few moments of quiet relaxation.

Group Yoga Therapy

Group yoga therapy offers the opportunity for deep personal growth and healing in a community over the course of several weeks. Group therapy incorporates many of the features of 1:1 work, and also includes development of a home practice, partner work, journaling and the wisdom that comes from participating in a group. The focus of group work varies, and has been geared toward those who are “Givers,” who suffer body-related issues, who want to be empowered to create change in their lives, and who need more balance.

Group Yoga Therapy happens at a number of locations. Click here to see what groups, retreats, and other events are open to the public and happening soon!

Yoga Therapy Groups can also be designed specifically for your group. No prior yoga experience is expected or necessary. To discuss scheduling a Yoga Therapy Group, Retreat, or Workshop for your organization or business, call 434-906-5467 or email