InstructionWhether a beginner or more advanced practitioner, practicing with a teacher and other students is key to your development. Many students start off with videos and a book or two, trying things out at home before taking a step into a studio. When a qualified teacher is guiding, proper alignment, mindful movement, breathing techniques, and skilled sequencing is provided. Bad habits can be prevented or broken, and students can develop confidence founded in proper technique, rather than guesswork. I teach a variety of classes in the community (click here for schedule,) and I work privately and in small groups with students who want to advance or deepen their practice.

Private yoga sessions are designed with only you in mind. Having private, regular instruction supports your growth as a yoga practitioner and allows your teacher to know specifics about you that can optimize your learning.  I will design a sequence just for you to enhance your yoga experience and help you achieve your goals on and off the mat.

To book your private or small group Yoga Instruction in Charlottesville, call 434-906-5467 or email Charlottesville sessions are held at The Ivy Yoga School.