IOT_4577“Kara has a natural way of making clients feel safe and heard. In our sessions I felt not only that she was listening to me with complete presence, but she was also able to gently and organically lead me into a deeper listening for myself. I would recommend yoga therapy with Kara to anyone!”

–Liz Reynolds

“Practicing Phoenix Rising Yoga privately with Kara has enabled me to reach deep within myself as I continue on my healing journey and the emotional roller coaster of breast cancer. The sessions bring me peace and equanimity. The asanas conform to my needs in each session. It’s been remarkable, I leave both energized and calm.”

-Donna Markey

“Kara’s small group sessions were just right for me!  She created a safe space, free of rules and judgments, where each individual could focus on her unique needs and respond to her own body’s truths.  Movements and exercises were offered as invitations, not commands.  I appreciate the holistic healing that I received.”

-Joyce Allan

“I signed up for a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy group class with Kara shortly after a serious epilepsy accident. I had spent a week in the hospital and was having lots of memory issues. It was my intention to get out of the house, re-engage in life and find a purpose. I’ll admit it was difficult for me at first. I didn’t think I would go back to the second class. But the atmosphere, the positive benefits, and the way I felt about myself afterward were totally worth the effort. When the first four weeks were up, I signed up again! And then again when the next four week program began. I am no expert at mediation or yoga, but Kara helped me find the confidence to have compassion for myself and embrace meditation in a way that is effective for me. “ 

-Kelly Falk

“Kara Snapp volunteered the most amazing yoga experience to my high school physical education class. She was warm and welcoming to each student and encouraged them to listen to their bodies and respond within their comfort level. Even the way she set up class in a circle made students feel less self-conscious about their ability. It was a wonderful opportunity for my students to have a positive experience with yoga.”

-BJ Santos, Murray High School

“Doing Yoga with Kara (meditation, Yoga therapy or just simply Yoga) has been an essential part of my wellness journey. At times, it is a challenge being a plus size woman. Her expertise has led me to total freedom from the taboos that a larger size body is not able to practice Yoga. I am living proof that “I did, I can, I do and I always will!” I thank Kara for working with my mind, my body and bringing that glorious flow and fun thru it. She is awesome and she is a “Difference Maker!”

-Meg Rossi-Ferro

“I’ve tried yoga at several studios, and keep coming back to Kara’s classes because she takes time to really teach the poses with individualized attention. She also creates a good energy in the class: enough variety to keep things fun and enough challenge to find the edge.”

–Allison Anderson

“Kara is the first yoga instructor to keep me coming back on a regular basis. I have been attending Kara’s yoga classes consistently for about a year, which is the most consistently I have ever exercised in my life.

Kara’s passion for the practice of yoga is incredibly infectious in the tone of her voice, her beautiful choice of words while leading a class full of people with different skill levels, her true concern that each and every one of her students’ needs are met to the best of her ability, and especially her throrough instruction of how each posture is to be done, why it is done, and how it benefits the individual as a whole. Kara’s classes strike the perfect balance of physical challenge and relaxation of body, mind and spirit. She gives individual attention and support to to each of her students and has the patience to come around to students confidently to make corrections to be sure the postures are being done accurately. Not to mention that Kara is consistently punctual and professional.

I cannot forget to mention that Kara integrates a great deal of variety from class to class and it is obvious that she puts thought into planning each and every class. She is a born teacher, in every sense of the word.

There has not been one class of Kara’s that I have not left feeling energized, de-stressed, toned and ready to take on the day. I am going to miss Kara and the energy and knowledge that she shares so generously with her students. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with this very special individual and I can assure will feel very fortunate to have found her.”

-Jenny P. Meier

“It was not until I started regularly attending Kara’s yoga classes that I truly felt at one with my body.  Kara teaches in a way that I leave each class feeling cleansed and balanced…ready for the rest of my day.  She incorporates poses that are difficult physically and relates that to one’s emotional state, so that I felt like I could work through my emotions using my body.  After a year of taking her classes regularly, I feel strong inside and out.  Kara has become a friend and a mentor to me in my practice and in life.” 

-Sarah Sartory

“Kara excels in the area of interpersonal skills, instruction, and positive encouragement to reach one’s personal goals. She is always very approachable, cheerful, and kind which is very important for a counselor, or a yoga instructor in a multi-leveled and multi-aged class.  She provides clear, concise, multi-sensory yoga instructions supporting and adapting for individual needs. Internalizing Kara’s yoga practice, I am able to find peace and physical relaxation wherever I may be.”

-Kathleen Frenette, M.Ed.

“I had an opportunity to hear Kara speak about Phoenix Rising Yoga and felt it may be a good fit for my daughter who was at a time in her young life where she was having some struggles. My daughter signed up for the sessions knowing Kara through youth programming and, again, felt a good connection with her. Kara has the ability to make you feel very comfortable, and when she is working with you, you feel like you are all that matters.

I signed up to take yoga with Kara at the local Health food store and fitness center. I found Yoga with Kara so very relaxing and at the same time exhilarating because she has the ability to encourage you to push yourself that extra step and get all you can from yourself.  She also encourages you to listen to your body and to do only what you feel your body can.”

 -Dee James  LMT, LNA