pexels-photoMindfulness is the art of paying attention to what is happening in the moment. Sometimes it’s about what is happening within your own body, mind, and emotions. We call this Embodied Mindfulness. The ability to have a high level of Embodied Mindfulness serves to help manage emotions such as anxiety, anger, overwhelm, and frustration. Embodied Mindfulness can also support individuals with attention-related disorders, trauma experiences, depression, and other disorders that tend to pull the individual ‘out of the moment.’ When we can identify what is happening within ourselves moment-to-moment, we are practicing self-awareness. When we are self-aware we have the ability to make intentional and responsive (vs. reactive) choices about our own behavior, thus effecting our own life, environment, and individuals around us in a more intentional way.

Mindfulness practices have also provided parents and teachers with a thoughtful, kind, and compassionate approach to managing behavior. When children learn mindfulness practices, their self-awareness increases and they develop a better understanding of personal empowerment and choice. When adults and children learn Mindfulness together, relationships become more positively focused and present-centered.

Mindfulness Workshops and sessions are tailored to fit the intention of the group or individual. To discuss scheduling a Mindfulness Workshop or session with Kara for your business, family, or yourself, call 434-906-5467 or email karasnappyogatherapy@gmail.com.